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Updated: 26/06/16

20/06 - Trainee Fitness Instructor    Location: County Antrim Lisburn Northern Ireland ... Jobs

Key points: Fitness instructors are employed to help people achieve and keepgood physical health, planning and implementing exercise routines and advising on diet, nutrition exercise technique and other important areas.

Being a fitness instructor involves helping people to achieve goals and to become and stay fit, either in a gym environment or in a more informal location. Work can either be on a freelance, self-employed basis (usually called personal training) or as a salaried employee in a gym, leisure centre or hotel department.
Salaries for fitness instructors largely depend on whether the individual is working on a agreementor on a self-employed basis.

Salaries for contracted employees in a gym or leisure centre usually start around the £20k mark, depending on qualifications and experience and increase as more experience and qualifications are achieved up to £30k and above for more expert or senior instructors.

As with most private tuition a relatively high hourly wage can be achieved by fitness instructors running their own classes or individual tuition programmes. Some people are prepared to pay as much as £50 per hour for these services but a more realistic figure is £20 - £30 per hour.

For more and comprehensive information and details on becoming a fully qualified Fitness Instructor fill out our short application form and a member of our recruitment team will be in touch. £20, 000 - £30, 000 ..........

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