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Updated: 11/12/16

20/11 - Sales Assistant / Sales Consultant Commission Based ...    Location: Cumbria North West Jobs

Key points: Position Title Sales Assistant/Sales Consultant - Full time - Immediate start - Commission Based What are we looking for: The prospective employer is seeking a driven customer service sales professional who is comfortable using excellent product knowledge to maximise the customer average spend through add on sale and upselling. The Candidate should be very comfortable approaching new customers from a busy footfall in order to capture attention through taste tests and ultimately converting customers to make a purchase. Product The Candidate will be selling a new to market dessert that is made from a superfood which are rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals in turn is an excellent source of proteins such as calcium, magnesiem, zinc and antioxidants. All these elements add up to make the ultimate dessert for heath consious consumers who apreciate quality and are seelog am alternative to traditional sweet treats. Its unique selling points are its vegan lactose free, gluten free and also available in sugar free. The Candidate can also add items such as cherries, nuts and more. Salary (Uncapped you get 20% of everything you sell) 20% commission on all personal sales. Minimum wage is guaranteed but The prospective employer is seeking someone that really wants to earn big and personally benefit from their excellent sales converting skills. Note: the average spend is around £8 per customer. i.e. How you can earn. Sell £60 per hour of desserts and be paid £12. Do this 7.5 hours of the day ..........

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